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Adding Multiple Documents to the Module at Once


Hi Documents Module Developers and Project Members!

I use the documents module all the time on our DNN 7.1 CMS to manage .pdfs and other documents. We're expanding all the time and our 70 or so clients each have a page on their site called the Reference Center which calls about 8-16 document modules to display 30-60 documents between them.

It is no trouble to upload all of the documents to the file manager. However it is incredibly time consuming to add documents from the file manager to the documents module. I have to click the "Add New Document" option for every file I want the user to see on our page.

Is there anyway to expand on the functionality of the documents module such that a user can select multiple files to add from the file manager to the document? I'm afraid I've no head for programming and I'm not sure where to go next. The kind folks of the DNN forum pointed me in your direction ale the link below.

Thank you in advance!
Zack Robinson
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