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Released: Jul 18, 2006
Updated: Dec 13, 2008 by DotNetNuke
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Release Notes

Version 03.01.05 - ASP.Net 1.1

What's New - 03.01.05
1. Fixed bug: Open in new window was ignored
In order to support secure storage in DNN 3.3, the code that generates the download
links for documents was reworked in version 3.1.2. The changes made did not
correctly account for the "Open in new window" option for documents. Added code
to correctly set the "target" attribute for download links (in the title and
download link columns).

What's New - 03.01.04
1. Added code to support medium trust for settings page
Added code to store viewstate as a custom-prepared string, so module settings works
properly in medium trust. In 3.1.3, viewstate was serialized using intrinsic
.NET binary serialization, which throws a refelection permission error in medium
trust. Added the functions SaveSortColumnSettings, RetrieveSortColumnSettings,
SaveDisplayColumnSettings and RetrieveDisplayColumnSettings to store string
representations of the arraylists that hold user settings so that the problem does
not occur.

2. Fixed bug: "Specified argument was out of the range of valid values."
In the code that sets the download link url, when the "download link column" was
selected, but the documents settings page was configured with one or more invisible
columns before the download link column, a "Specified argument was out of the
range of valid values." would occur. Adjusted code to return the correct column index.

What's New - 03.01.03
1. Fixed Caching bug
In version 3.1.2, internal caching code was added to improve performance because
the documents module is not compatible with DNN core module caching (the core
caching code does not cache modules "per user", and the documents module displays
only those documents where the current user has access to the underlying file). The
new caching code did not correctly refresh after documents were added to the module.

The caching code has been modified to:
a) Only cache the documents list for anonymous (not logged in) users;
b) Refresh the cache after changes.

The documents module is not compatible with DNN module caching unless all documents
being shown are available for all users. DNN caches a single copy of module contents
once for all users, so if an administrator sets a "cache time" of anything other than
zero, the "wrong" copy of the cached documents module can be shown.

What's New - 03.01.02
1. New Fields and existing field name change
2. Display column selection (visibility), column ordering
3. Sort order
4. CSS styling enhancements
5. Show title as link
6. Use document categories list
7. Secure storage

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